What to Pack

Generally, less is more - but here are some things to be sure to make room for.

Recommended things to bring from previous employees

  • Warm accessories (coat, gloves, hat, socks,etc.) and plenty of layers as the temperature varies throughout the day and the season. Rain gear will also come in handy!

  • Most bathrooms are not attached to individual rooms, so you'll probably want a bathrobe and some shower friendly footwear. Don't forget your favorite toiletries including towels and something to carry them back and forth in too.

  • It gets really dark at night, a flashlight or headlamp will help you get around safely.

  • Definitely bring a camera if you have one! The abundance of wildlife, natural beauty, and memories you're about to make will be perfect photo opportunities for social media.

  • Be prepared for mosquitoes and intense sun with bug repellent and sunscreen.

  • There's so much to do in Grand Teton National Park so bring your gear for hiking, fishing, camping or anything else you enjoy doing outside!

  • Bring your unexpired, original identification documents to check into Human Resources as well as proof of vaccination and negative COVID test administered within the last 9 days to check into housing!

What to leave behind

This could be a good opportunity to de-clutter your life by leaving behind some of the unnecessary things. There's great shopping at our retail outlets and in the town of Jackson, and you can always have items shipped to you after you arrive (address below).

Some things are just not allowed in housing, and if reported or noticed could cost you your job. Don't risk this opportunity! Burning candles or incense is not allowed in dorm rooms. Possession or use of fireworks, firearms, illegal/controlled substances or paraphernalia in employee areas is strictly prohibited and enforced by the National Park Service. If you are cited or arrested by NPS for a prohibited items, it will likely result in losing your job. Don't risk it!

What about Mail?

Yes, you can get mail and packages while you're here! The address depends on where you're living. UPS and FedEx will ship to these addresses. Mail and packages are delivered to Jackson Lake Lodge, then distributed to employee village offices.

Jackson Lake Lodge

(Your Name)

605-101 Jackson Lake Lodge Rd.

Moran, WY 83013

Colter Bay Village

(Your Name)

606-101 Jackson Lake Lodge Rd.

Moran, WY 83013

Jenny Lake Lodge

(Your Name)

607-101 Jackson Lake Lodge Rd.

Moran, WY 83013

Flagg Ranch

2 miles south of Yellowstone

PO Box 187

Moran, WY 83013

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