Employee Dining

Employee Dining Rooms (EDR)

Employee Dining Rooms = EDR

EDR schedules are below. Before those dates, you’ll be on your own for food. There aren’t any grocery stores open inside the Park yet, and access to kitchens is limited. Make sure you’ve planned ahead before arriving!

EDR opening dates

Jackson Lake Lodge - Thursday, April 30th for Dinner

Colter Bay Village - Thursday, May 7th for Lunch

Jenny Lake Lodge - Monday, May 18th for Dinner

Flagg Ranch - Friday, May 15th for Dinner

Jackson Lake Lodge

Breakfast: 6 AM -9:30 AM

Lunch & Dinner: 10:30- 7:00 PM

Colter Bay Village

Breakfast: 6am-8am

Lunch: 11am-1pm

Dinner: 5pm-6:30pm

Jenny Lake Lodge EDR Hours

Breakfast: 6:30am-8am

Lunch: 11am-1:30pm

Dinner: 5pm-7pm

must call 307-543-3355 24 hours in advance if not a current Jenny Lake Lodge employee

Flagg Ranch

Breakfast: 6am-8am

Lunch: 11am-1pm

Dinner: 5pm-6:30pm

Boxed Lunches

Heading out on a day off? Employees living in the dorm can get one bag lunch per day. if requested the day before it is needed.

Complete a request form in the EDR 24 hours in advance and then pick up your lunch by presenting your employee ID any time after 7 AM the next day.

You will not be able to pick up anyone's lunch but your own. Specific property policies may differ, so check with the EDR staff at your location in advance.

RV Park Meal Vouchers

If you are a resident of the RV park and not on the employee meal plan, you can purchase meals in any EDR through vouchers available at the Jackson Lake Lodge Vault, or in the Accounting office.

Cash or check accepted. Unused tickets or punches cannot be refunded.

14 meal punch card - $90 - good for any meal

Breakfast only - $6

Lunch only - $7

Dinner only - $8