Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis

Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club is a semi private resort. Includes 18 hole championship golf course, pool, tennis courts, club house, restaurant and banquet operations This location is the only GTLC property not within the park.

Guy Evans is the General Manager of this property.

Monthly rent apartment style housing with rooms of one or two people with shared bathrooms and common area and kitchen. Additional housing located in Jackson Hole at the Aspen Meadows apartments. Spacious 3 bed or studio units that come completely furnished. All of these units are double occupancy.

Double occupancy $12.33/day

Single occupancy (managers only)$15.62/day

Deposit $350 ($125 non-refundable)

Deductions start the day they arrive so there is a chance they will get a zero first paycheck and reduced second paycheck. Applicants need to be prepared with some money when they arrive. Line level employees will be doubled up. Only managers will have a room to themselves.

There is no cafeteria and the employee will have to cook their own meals.


Common Kitchen Area

Shared Bathroom

Shared Living Space

Spacious Back Yard

Front of Apartments