Jackson Lake Lodge

Jackson Lake Lodge is home to the company’s banquet and catering services, laundry facilities, warehouses, maintenance, IT, HR, environmental, health and safety departments.  You'll also find the Pioneer Grill, Mural Room, Blue Heron Lounge, and Pool BBQ dining options.

Alex Klein, the Vice President of GTLC, works from here and acts as the General Manager of the property.  Gill Beck, the Director of Hotel Operations, also works out of JLL. He oversees the operations of Colter Bay Village and Jenny Lake Lodge too!  

Employee Village & Housing

Consists of 12 dormitory style buildings with rooms shared between 2-4 people.  All rooms include beds, dressers, and small "hanging spaces."  Shared bathrooms are available in majority of the dorms and include sinks, toilets, and showers.

We can provide sheets and blankets- just ask the Employee Village Office!
If prefer to bring your own sheets - beds are XL twin

2024 Jackson Lake Lodge Housing Office Hours

April 3- April 19th: 9am-6pm

April 20th - May 3rd:  8am-8pm

May 4th - end of season: 8am - 11pm

Jackson Lake Lodge Main Lobby

Employee Village Office

360 - 2 Person Dorm Room

3 Person Dorm Room

4 Person Dorm Rooms

Laundry Facilities Free to Employees

"Little Pig"  Entertainment Room

Employee Village Dorm Street

Whistle Pig Employee Bar

Employee Gym

Employee Parking

Guest parking is limited, so employees driving to work or to visit must park in bay 3, and the south part of Bay 5 or 6. On busy days, parking is scarce. Employee park stickers are issued at the housing office.

Employee Entrance

If in uniform (or wearing a name tag) use the employee entrance by the loading dock, or the side entrance by the activities desk. The lower lobby gets very crowded, so unless you need to be there, try to avoid it. 

Emergency Evacuation Sites

In case of an emergency evacuation of Jackson Lake Lodge, employees should meet at the flagpoles, located in front of the pool at the far end of the parking bays.