Retail Employee Uniforms

Retail Operations

Includes: South Jenny Lake Store, Jenny Lake Lodge Gift Shop, Service Station (Jackson Lake Lodge), Newsstand (Jackson Lake Lodge),  Teton Shop (Jackson Lake Lodge), Apparel Shop (Jackson Lake Lodge), Jackson Lake Lodge Gift Shop, Colter Bay Convenience Store, Colter Bay Gift Shop, Colter Bay Grocery Store, Colter Bay Launderette and Retail Warehouse (Jackson Lake Lodge)

Mandatory uniform pieces: 

Optional personal additions:

NO earbuds or headphones will be allowed to be worn during work. 


You might work in service or sales, as an instructor or food server, an executive chef or an executive. We know that departments, locations and positions are all different and the details for distinct operating groups may vary, including personal grooming and how you dress. No matter who you are or what you do, that first impression is always important. To be at your best, follow your location or department’s dress code, and talk with your Supervisor about any specific presentation requirements for your job.

The guiding principle of an employee's presentation cannot distract from delivering exceptional service to our guests. If you come to work violating the policy listed below, you may not be permitted to start your shift and/or may be asked to change clothes, be sent home or be disciplined. If due to a sincerely-held religious belief or disability you are not able to meet the standards and/or would like to request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Human Resources.