Perks & Recreation

Local Company Perks

Employee Recreation

Our employee housing team manages the recreation calendar and are always looking for ways to ensure employees have opportunities to participate in a diverse range of activities. We offer employee events and activities for all interests; here are some examples:

Have an idea? Let the housing team know at your location!

Guest Activities free to Employees

All GTLC & Flagg Ranch employees are encouraged to participate in any guest activity the company offers. Most of the activities are free of charge to employees and are booked on a space available basis.

* Boat rentals are provided at the cost of fuel.

Jackson Hole Activities

Looking for something in our local community? Jackson Hole has a lot to offer you.

From fishing to wildlife viewing, personal photography to climbing, and over 200 miles of hiking trails, Grand Teton National Park offers endless activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Come play with us in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Vail Resorts Pro Deals

All Vail Resorts employees have access to ExpertVoice and Outdoor ProLink to get steep discounts on dozens of brand names, including Go Pro and Oakley!

ExpertVoice (Formerly Promotive & Experticity)

Typically, applications are reviewed within 24-48 hours. A team code is not required. Questions? Please call Experticity Member Services at 1-866-376-4685 or email Already have an account on 3point5 or ProMotive? Simply login at with your existing information and enjoy your access.

Outdoor ProLink

Outdoor ProLink requires renewal ever 15 months and provides up to 50% off 100+ outdoor brands.  

You should receive an email notifying you that you have been approved. If you do not receive the email, or if you have any issues, please email and they will look into your application and help you.

Employee Golf Program at Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis  


-        All GTLC and FRC employees

-        Each employee is allowed up to six rounds per season


-        $50 per round includes cart

Exclusive employee tee times

-        JHGTC will reserve two tee times per week for employee play

o   Tuesday 2:00pm

o   Tuesday 2:10pm

Tee-Time Bookings / Check-in

-        Book through Jackson Lake Lodge Activity desk

-        Employee can book 14 days ahead of time and no later than noon on the preceding Saturday

-        Employees will be paired with other employees when possible.

-        Employees will check in at JHGTC pro shop no earlier than 30 min prior to tee time

-        Must have a valid company ID to check in

-        Unreserved employee tee times will be released to JHGTC members at noon on the preceding Saturday

Practice Facility Privileges

-        Range is available for employees to warm up 20 min prior to tee time

-        Driving range is not available unless playing a round of golf

Rental clubs

-        available for $90 per employee

Employee Guests

-        Employees are allowed one guest per round at the Member Guest rate.

Dress Code - The pro shop staff will inform you if you are not appropriately dressed

-        Employees will wear clean and pressed collared golf shirts, golf pants, shorts, skirt or skort, tennis or golf shoes, and socks.  No jeans or jean shorts

-        Employee uniforms are not allowed

Food & Beverage

-        Employees are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages to JHGTC.  All adult beverages must be purchased at JHGTC

-        Dining reservations are required in the restaurant

-        Employees do not receive a discount at the North Grille or beverage cart.

-        Employees are not allowed to sit at the bar in the restaurant

-        GTLC two drink policy applies to all company employees using JHGTC

Basic course etiquette

-        Equipment – every player needs to have their own bag and clubs

-        Tip player service employees for unloading, loading, and cleaning the clubs

-        Play ready golf – when it is your turn to hit be ready to play.  This means have your club selected, be in a ready position, and hit as soon as the previous player has finished. 

-        Keep up the pace – maximum round time is 4 hours and 15 minutes.  You must keep up with the group in front of you

Care of course:

-        Fairways – repair divots with sand and seed mixture located on the cart

-        Bunkers – enter from the lowest point and rake all footprints and divots left from your shot

-        Greens – repair your own ball mark and any others you see in the area


Under Wyoming law, the golfer is responsible for their actions and is liable for all damage caused to personal property and the physical well-being of individuals.  If you hit someone with a club, ball or cart, you are liable.  If your ball hits a house, car, or other personal property you are liable for damage.


JHGTC is not a playground.  You will be held to a very high standard when at JHGTC and you will be asked to leave if any JHGTC team member feels you are acting inappropriately. 


JHGTC Membership – the members of our club are our top priority.  Everyone you meet and interact with is a member of the club.  While at JHGTC you are a representative of the company. 

 1 Strike Policy - If an employee is caught breaking any of the above rules, they will forfeit all golfing privileges for the remainder of the season, and may affect your employment with the company.  

As part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, our company is on a journey to create and foster an inclusive culture that is welcoming to everyone. We believe this is critical to diversifying perspectives within our company and industry and broadening our engagement in the sport. At the center of this journey is you - and we are incredibly passionate about delivering an Experience of a Lifetime to our full team by fostering a strong sense of belonging, connection, and community. To build communities and support systems for a diverse employee population, we announced another step forward in our DEI journey – the establishment of the Vail Resorts Employee Inclusion Network. The Employee Inclusion Network consists of two types of formalized employee groups: Affinity Groups and Employee Resource Groups. Upstanding and expanding these communities of inclusion help us live into the Vail Resorts’ mission, build the future of the sport, and is foundational to the success of the DEI strategy.  

As of 2023 Affinity groups include:

Black Employee Network: The Black Employee Network Affinity Group is a space for employees who identify in part or whole as a member of the Black/African diaspora. Our purpose is to foster an environment of support, community, and connection for Black employees. Our Affinity Group mission is to provide an Experience of a Lifetime for Vail Resorts’ Black employees through addressing barriers specific to this population. If you are interested in learning more and/or becoming a member, please email the Black Employee Network

Rainbow Room: The Rainbow Room, Vail Resorts’ first Affinity Group, was founded by five employees in 2021 and now boasts a membership of over 75 employees. Our purpose is to create an inclusive community space for LGBTQ+ employees to feel welcome, resulting in them feeling comfortable to bring their authentic selves to work. Our goal is to be a champion for LGBTQ+ employees and ensure an Experience of a Lifetime for ALL Vail Resorts employees and guests. We aim to leverage current and future talent as a DEI Strategy by elevating the employee experience in service to the guest experience, ultimately with the goal of diversifying the sport. If you are interested in learning more and/or becoming a member, please email the Rainbow Room

Veterans, Partners, & Allies: The Veterans, Partners, & Allies Affinity Group is focused on building a community that drives culture and connection. Our mission is to provide the Experience of a Lifetime for Vail Resorts’ veterans and partners through creating a culture of community while addressing challenges and opportunities unique to this group of employees. If you are interested in learning more and/or becoming a member, please complete this form.

Employee Lodging Discounts

Lodging at Grand Teton Lodge Company properties can be discounted during certain parts of the year for friends and family. 

 Call the reservations department at 307.543.3100 for more details. 

Vail Resorts Hospitality is pleased to offer eligible employees discounted lodging rates. Discounted lodging rates can be reserved by all active employees on a space available basis.

- Discount restrictions may apply during our busiest times 

Epic Promise Foundation

The EpicPromise Foundation supports Vail Resorts employees and their dependents in times of need through emergency relief grants and educational grants: