Recycling & Waste Guides



What goes in the trash/landfill?

#3-7 plastics

Plastic caps and lids

Plastic clamshells

Plastic cups

Greasy/oily containers

5 gallon buckets

Paperboard (cereal box, six pack holder)

Waxed cardboard

Stemware, pint glasses, ceramics

Cartons (aseptic, tetrapak)

Guest receipts

Condiment packets

Foam of any kind

NO: batteries, hazardous waste, recycling, compostables

What about other items?

Batteries, Chemicals (HAZMAT), Electronics (anything with a plug),Light Bulbs, Motor oil waste, Paint, Tires (automotive) also go to Jackson Lake Lodge Engineering

The following items can be taken to Engineering at

Jackson Lake Lodge for disposal/recycling

Printer Cartridges

Scrap Metal

Bear Spray

Propane Canster