Employee Shuttle Schedule

We operate a regular employee shuttle between Jackson Lake Lodge and Colter Bay Village for employees and a trip to the town of Jackson a few times per week. Our transportation service runs on a schedule & we are not able to make additional one-off requests.

Questions, Comments? You can reach the transportation team at GTLCTransportation@vailresorts.com or communicate with the team at the GTLC Transportation Kaizala Group by scanning the QR code to the right.

Departure Transportation - Summer 2021 Season

We have a request form for departure transportation if you’re in need of a ride to the airport or to the town of Jackson at the end of your season here. Please fill out the form below at least 1 week prior to your departure needs to ensure we have your information on time!

We’re sad to see you go but hope to welcome you back for a future season!


We will contact you with any questions or changes.

Daily Employee Shuttle Schedule.1

Shuttle to the town of Jackson, WY

You MUST sign up for a time below & fill out the survey for the date you are looking to go to town. If you do not sign up for a time, you will not be able to ride.

Colter Bay Village Employees - you are responsible for taking the property shuttle to the Jackson Lake Lodge to pick up the Town Shuttle at the appropriate date & time for the Town Shuttle you have signed up for.

Headwaters Lodge & Cabins Employees – sign up for the Jackson Lake Lodge pickup times. We will communicate with you once you’ve signed up to arrange a ride from Headwaters down to Jackson Lake Lodge in time for your pickup.

Jenny Lake Lodge Employees – sign up for your pickup location on the survey below for a ride into town on the date you would like to ride.

Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club Employees – sign up for your pickup location on the survey below for a ride into town on the date you would like to ride

If you are looking for a ride to town or the airport for your departure at the end of the season, please see the survey listed above to fill out your request!

Dates will be up as far in advance as possible. Sign-ups will be ending 24 hours prior to the trip.

**Trips in September will likely modify to limited trips per week. These trip options will be up in advance so you are able to plan ahead**

Rules of Employee Shuttle

1. Employee Shuttle is a courtesy and not a guarantee, please treat staff with respect

2. Employees must check in with shuttle driver upon entry

4. You are expected to display appropriate behavior when riding the shuttle. If your behavior is disturbing other passengers, you may be asked to step off & further disciplinary action may be taken.

5. You must wear a cloth or disposable face mask while utilizing our transportation services.