Living in Grand Teton National Park

License and Meal Plan Fees

Dorms: Dormitory licensing is FREE. $98/week per person for meal plan (due to the lack of cooking facilities, the meal plan is mandatory for dormitory residents)Due to the number of meals produced each day, restricted diets, (vegan or other restrictions) or sensitivities cannot be accommodated. If you have dietary restrictions or sensitivities, we encourage you to apply for roles at our Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis property which provide housing with kitchens for you own meal prepping. 

RV Sites: Full hookups for fully self-contained RVs is FREE.
RVers Meal Plan is optional ($98/wk per person) and grants access to Employee Cafeterias; individual meal coupons are also available.  

Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club: Double Occupancy room: $98/week; Single Occupancy room: $119/week (for management only). A refundable Security Deposit of $250 must be paid at the time of securing housing.
RV Sites at JHGT are $12.50/day. Pets are not allowed per Teton County Regulations and fires are not allowed in the JHGTC RV area. **JHGTC does not offer the meal plan and employees are responsible for cooking and preparing their own meals. JHGTC employees do not receive park passes for their vehicles, but may use the shuttle service to enjoy the in park benefits and activities. 

**All meals plans are charged proactively every 2 weeks via the StarRez Housing Portal. You may opt into Payroll deductions or pay your balance biweekly via debit/cc online. If you opt into payroll deductions, your first payment of the season will be doubled up on your first paycheck to account for time in housing upon check-in and proactively for the next 2 weeks.** If this poses an undue hardship, please contact your hiring manager, and we will work to find other suitable arrangements.

Free Dormitory Housing covers:

 Free RV Site covers:

Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club licensing covers:

 In addition, all employees have access to complimentary services such as:

 GTLC guest activities are free to employees based on availability. Activities include:

*Motorboat rentals are provided at the cost of fuel. 

Dorm Specific Rules

Alterations to any Employee Housing Unit and/or the semi-permanent installation of employee/resident’s personal property are prohibited. This includes nailing fixtures to walls, floors, ceilings, or furniture; disassembly of furniture such as lofts, bed frames, or cabinet/closet doors; or drilling holes; or affixing decals. Possession of company property or furniture not assigned to the housing unit is prohibited. Any damage caused by decorating efforts makes rooms less desirable to the next employee/resident. The employees/residents responsible for such damage will be charged for repairs.

Damages or cleaning fees of common areas or Employee Housing Unit are divided equally between all employees/residents of affected unit or area. If an individual employee/resident is proven to be the sole person responsible for damage, he/she will be held completely accountable for damages and/or fines. 


Inspections and emergency situations will require security staff and housing management to enter dorm housing. When inspections are scheduled, notices will be emailed to residents and posted on the common entrances to each building.

Employees are responsible for the cleanliness of their unit.  If there is an empty bed in the Employee Housing Unit, employees must not take over the empty space and ensure the unit and bed are kept clean for a new arrival. 

Prohibited Items

Firearms and fireworks are not permitted in employee housing.

Use of candles, incense, gas lanterns, or cooking in rooms with hot plates, microwaves, and gas or charcoal stoves is not allowed. If found, items will be confiscated and may result in further disciplinary action.

Smoking of any kind is prohibited in the Employee Housing Unit. Violation will result in a citation from National Park Service and/or disciplinary action that could lead to termination of housing eligibility. 1st offense - $200 fine and issued Demand for Compliance, 2nd offense results in loss of housing.

Smoking outside the building is allowed ONLY when 25 feet away from any building entrance, exit, and window, or in designated smoking areas. 1st offense - verbal warning and/or written notice, 2nd offense - $25.00 fine and Demand for Compliance, 3rd offense results in loss of housing.


Seasonal dormitory residents are not allowed to have pets. RV residents may have up to 2 pets (NPS guidelines apply) except at JGHTC as they are not allowed per Teton County Regulations. Service and support animals must receive prior approval from Human Resources in the form of a reasonable accommodation. Report any concerns about animal behavior to the housing manager.


Visitors to employee-only areas are permitted between the hours of 10:00am and 10:00pm.  Guests are not permitted in any areas of the Jackson Lake Lodge Whistle Pig employee eatery or the employee gym and must abide by the rules and regulations you are held to as an employee of the company.  Guests are subject to all National Park Service laws and regulations. Overnight visitors, including family members, are not allowed in employee dorms. You are responsible for all damage or disturbance caused by your guest(s).


Fire safety is of the utmost importance. Tampering with any fire equipment, including but not limited to alarms, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, emergency lights, and fire extinguishers will result in a $200 fine or immediate termination of the housing license. Some circumstances may also result in criminal prosecution. Failure to evacuate when an alarm sounds may result in termination of employee housing privileges.

Climbing on roofs, using windows as entrances and exits, and scaling or rappelling outside walls is strictly prohibited. Persons throwing anything from windows or balconies are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employee housing privileges.

License/Meal Plan Fee

As a resident of seasonal employee dorm housing, a License and/or Meal Plan Fee will be charged as a bi-weekly deduction from your paycheck or paying through StarRez housing portal by credit card or debit. This fee covers a bed in dorm housing, linens, all utilities, and 3 meals per day in the Employee Dining Rooms (EDR).  JHGTC does not offer the meal plan.  **All charges are prorated by day**

In addition, all employees have access to complimentary services where available such as: employee shuttle services, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, employee gym, rec hall & common areas, and facilitated employee recreation activities. JHGTC employees do not receive park passes for their vehicles, but may use the shuttle service to enjoy the in park benefits and activities. 

General Considerations

Residents of seasonal employee housing (including all RV site residents) must be full-time active employees of the company. Any exceptions require approval from the Vice President and Human Resources. Employees must be at least 18 years old to live in dormitory housing.

GTLC is not responsible for any lost or damaged property. Take care to secure your valuables, and leave behind any unnecessary ones. Securing renters or personal property insurance is highly encouraged.

Employee Housing Units (including RV sites) may not be used for commercial, personal, or private financial gain.

Check-in / Check-out Procedures

Employees may arrive to housing on the day of their scheduled check-in/first day of work. NO EARLIER!

When it’s time for you to leave, be sure to coordinate with your local housing management to properly check out. Failure to properly check out (facilitate room inspection, return keys and all company property, take responsibility for damages, and/or pay due balances, etc.) will result in future ineligibility to live in company housing at any Vail Resorts property. Failure to check-out can also result in room & board overcharges on your final paycheck. Make sure your StarRez account is in good standings before you leave! 

Employees completing their seasonal work commitments are expected to vacate housing the day after their last day of work. Employees who are terminated must vacate housing the same day. Terminated employees are not permitted in employee areas, even as a guest of someone who is currently employed. Specific details can be discussed with human resouces.

If you decide to leave your job voluntarily before your scheduled end date, these same rules will apply. If you must leave early then a written resignation to your manager and two weeks notice are required to maintain future employment eligibility with the company.


Employee Housing has a demand for compliance policy for behavior in Grand Teton Lodge Company employee housing locations. The demand for compliance policy aims to encourage good behavior, resulting in a healthy and comfortable place to live.  We want to build a stable, peaceful community. Housing management and human resources can issue a notice to vacate for employees living in housing based on their behavior that breaches their license agreement. Any violation could result in loss of employee housing. 

All employees/residents are required to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive for fellow employees/residents to live and sleep. All residents are to demonstrate reasonable efforts to resolve roommate problems.  Employees/residents are expected to report uncivil treatment of others, vandalism, and other violations of their license to housing management, human resources or security.

Employee residence areas are patrolled by the National Park Service law enforcement. Noise complaints, under-age drinking, wildlife attractants, and other disturbances/law violations will likely result in a citation and or fine. Drug and alcohol violations are particularly enforced - use or possession of marijuana (and other controlled substances, including paraphernalia) is strictly prohibited. All citations and offenses are reported to human resources, and may affect your employment.

Some examples of unacceptable behavior in housing

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours for all housing locations are from 10 PM to 8 AM every day. Residents are expected to be considerate of their neighbors and avoid excessive noise at any time. 

The speed limit within all employee areas is 10 mph. Speeding and reckless driving are prohibited. Safe biking is encouraged, please wear your helmet at all times when riding.   

Reporting Concerns
If you are in need of emergency assistance, call 911. 

Non-emergency concerns can be reported to engineering, human resources, housing management, or the National Park Service dispatch at 307-739-3301

RV Specific Rules

To live in employee RV parks, vehicles must be:

As a resident of the RV park an optional meal plan of $98/week per person grants access to employee cafeteria. Individual meal vouchers can be purchased from the Vault at Jackson Lake Lodge (across from the Human Resources office). Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club does not offer the meal plan.


One of the great things about living in the Employee RV Park is that you may have up to two pets per RV site. Pets cannot be left unattended at any time. This includes being tied to a stationary object, even if you are just stepping away for a little bit. If your pet is outside of your secured RV or personal vehicle, it must be attached to a person using a six foot or shorter leash. Leaving your pet unattended may result in a fine - or even worse - make them easy prey for predatory wildlife. 

Do not leave pet food outside unattended for any period of time, as it is a wildlife attractant.

Pet waste must be immediately removed and disposed of in a designated waste receptacle. 

Temporary fences are allowed. Fenced areas must be shorter than the length of your RV and no more than 6ft wide. Fences cannot be attached to trees or other natural elements of the terrain and should be placed on gravel or pavement areas if possible. 

**Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis club RV park does not allow pets due to Teton County regulations. 


Guests are permitted in your private vehicles for up to seven consecutive or non-consecutive days. Any guest staying in the Employee RV Park for more than seven consecutive or non-consecutive days must have received prior approval from the director of Human Resources. 

Guests must abide by the rules and regulations you are held to as an employee of the company and are subject to all National Park Service laws and regulations. 

Fires and Cooking

 If your site contains an established fire pit or ring, make sure that fires are fully extinguished if the area will be unattended. Unattended fires will be reported, and the site resident will receive a citation. 

RV residents at all locations must pay particular attention to avoiding wildlife attractants if cooking outdoors.

**Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club RV Park does not allow fires at their sites.

Colter Bay Facilities

Three comfort stations with restrooms, showers, laundry, and ice are located throughout the Colter Bay Employee RV Park. Residents will receive a key to access them from the Colter Bay Housing Office. Pets are not allowed in the comfort stations.

Free filtered water is available from a faucet at the Colter Bay Convenience Store, located to the left of the main entrance.

Propane can be purchased at the Colter Bay Guest RV Park office during regular operating dates and hours.

All residents in employee housing in Grand Teton National Park with Grand Teton Lodge Company are required to sign a Housing License Agreement, which references the rules and regulations. Disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment will be taken for any violations of these rules and regulations, so please read them carefully and refer back often.


Limited Wi-Fi is available in housing areas. During peak usage times, speeds may be slower than what you are used to, so don’t plan to depend on the internet for entertainment. 

If you have issues with the Wi-Fi call the IT support center at 970-754-4357. Keep track of your case number so that the local IT can further assist and look for a resolution.

Mail and Deliveries

Mail is available for pickup in Employee Village Offices (RVers can pick up mail at their local employee village office at their location). Check out the "Mailing Address" section of the website for specific mailing addresses. Due to the large number of seasonal residents, mail cannot be forwarded after you leave, and will be returned to sender.  

Shared Employee Facilities

Laundry Facilities

Use of laundry facilities in dorm buildings or locations other than where you live is not permitted. Washing/drying of shoes, rugs, or pet bed/blankets is not permitted in any company machines. 

You are solely responsible for your laundry. Do not leave items unattended, and remove them from machines promptly. 

Employee Dining Rooms (EDR)

EDRs are located at Jackson Lake Lodge, Colter Bay Village, Jenny Lake Lodge, and Flagg Ranch, and an employee ID is required to enter and eat in any EDR. 

Employees are expected to utilize the EDR at their housing location, but may eat at other locations if desired. Jenny Lake Lodge requires 24 hours advance notice for visiting employees. Call (307) 733-4647 to let them know if you’d like to visit for a meal. 

RV residents must either pay for the meal plan or purchase meal vouchers to eat in an EDR. 

**JHGTC does not offer the meal plan**

Recreation Areas

Each employee housing location has shared areas and facilities for employee use. When utilizing any employee facilities, always bring your employee ID with you. Specific rules and regulations beyond those detailed here will vary by location, so be sure you understand the expectations of any facility you use. Above all, you are expected to maintain the cleanliness of shared areas and clean up after yourself. 

Jackson Lake Lodge
Whistle Pig 

The Whistle Pig is an employee eatery which serves food and beverages. All active employees age 21 and up are welcome. Non-employee visitors are not permitted.
Employee ID and government ID is required to enter.

A take-out food window is available for food to-go and accessible for those under the age of 21. All employees in the Whistle Pig must abide by the company’s alcohol policies.

Jackson Lake Lodge (pictured above) & Flagg Ranch (pictured below) Employee Gym

The employee gym  is available for use by all employees. It is an alcohol free facility, and guests are not permitted. Employee ID will be required for entry. Current operating hours will be posted. 

Jackson Lake Lodge Little Pig

The Little Pig is an alcohol free lounge area open to all employees. It may be closed occasionally for use with check-in, orientation, and other company events. 

Wildlife Attractants & Precautions

Wildlife sightings of bears, moose, bison, or foxes in employee or guest areas should be reported to NPS dispatch directly by calling (307) 739-3301. 

Wildlife attractants in employee areas should be reported to local housing management. If after hours, contact security through the hotel operator at (307) 543-2811. 

As a resident in a national park, you are personally responsible for making sure that wild animals won’t be exposed to attractants associated with humans. 

DO NOT leave backpacks, coolers, or anything with an odor unattended for ANY length of time. Your food should always be within arm’s reach or properly stored. Allowing wildlife to obtain human food, even once, can result in altered, aggressive and dangerous behavior. Animals then become a threat to human safety and must be relocated or killed. 

Failure to properly store wildlife attractants may result in citations or fines from the National Park Service as well as disciplinary action up to and including termination. Never leave these items outside of your dorm or RV.

Trash and Recycling
All trash and recycling must be placed in a designated receptacle.  If it’s not within your reach, it needs to be inside. Even water bottles should be secured. 

Stoves & Grills
They smell delicious to animals, so grills and other cooking tools need to be kept inside if someone’s not right there with it. 

Even when empty, coolers can hold on to smells animals may want to investigate. All coolers must be kept inside or attended to at all times if outside, even if you consider yourself an impeccable cooler-cleaner.  

Gardens and Plants
Non-native plants may attract or affect wildlife. No plantings or gardens are permitted outside of employee housing units. 

Unattended Personal Property
An unattended backpack with sunscreen, bug repellent, or any other item with a scent may attract wildlife. All personal items should be secured indoors. 

Using Guest Facilities

Employees may utilize guest facilities, as long as the following rules are adhered to (in addition to the alcohol policies). You can expect to lose privileges to utilize any or all guest facilities if you don’t respect these rules, and may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employee housing privileges.

Employees are not to use any of the outlets during peak hours or if guests are waiting for service. 

Employees may not cause or participate in a disturbance of any nature interfering with the experience of a guest, employee, staff, law enforcement or management. Profane, discourteous, abusive or rude language/action will not be tolerated.

Employees must comply with all non-smoking and liquor laws/policies.

Employees must comply with management, staff and law enforcement directions regarding service or requests to vacate the premises.

When visiting guest facilities during off-duty hours, neat and appropriate dress is required. Please don't wear your uniform when off the clock and enjoying guest facilities.

**Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club employees do not receive park passes for their vehicles but may use the shuttle service to enjoy the in-park benefits and activities.

Alcohol Policies

The legal age to consume alcohol is 21 years of age.

You must have your employee ID, and an unexpired legal photo ID with date of birth at all times while in a company facility which sells alcohol. You will not be served alcohol if you are observed to be visibly intoxicated or impaired, or cannot present the required forms of identification.

Employees are limited to ordering/consuming two (2) alcoholic beverages in any guest-facing facilities. At locations which serve wine by the bottle, one bottle may be ordered only if no less than two people will be sharing it. Employees are not permitted to drink alcohol in the Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club North Grille.

Employees may not purchase alcohol in restaurants or stores while in company uniform or while wearing their name tag. Alcohol may not be purchased while you are on a break during your scheduled working hours, or stored at work. 

Personal Vehicles

Only one vehicle per employee/resident is permitted in designated employee housing areas. Vehicle must be registered with housing management and display a valid Park Pass Sticker (*excludes Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club employees). If vehicle becomes disabled it must be repaired or removed from property within 48 hours or subject to fines and/or being towed at owner’s expense. 

Park Pass Sticker
Issued at the housing office. Your sticker grants you permission to park in employee designated areas, and entry into Grand Teton National Park and the south gate of Yellowstone National Park. Park Pass stickers are considered government property, and must be returned at the end of your employment. Excludes Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club. JHGTC employees may utilize the free company shuttle service to access in park services and benefits.

Employees are strongly encouraged to walk to work when possible. If you do drive, you must park your vehicle in designated employee parking areas. Parking in areas reserved for guests will result in disciplinary action and possible citations or fines.