GTLC Recognition

Values Pin Recognition Program- Peer Nominated

What is it?

The Values Pin Program (On-the-Spot) is a way to recognize employees’ who are exhibiting values-driven behavior, reinforcing our Company’s core values, emphasizing our Company culture. See someone picking up trash nominate them for do good, or see someone making someone's day nominate them for serve others. Nominate them and have them be appreciated!

How can I be recognized?

As Vail Resorts employees we hold ourselves accountable for living these foundational values every day in everything we do. Simply demonstrate these values in your day to day work and a peer can nominate you through direct connect. You will then receive a values pin and be considered for the pay day raffle. 2 winners; across all locations; for best story of exemplifying a Vail Resorts Value will be awarded a $50 cash prize each pay day.

Epic Service- Manager Nominated

The Epic Service Recognition Program is the highest level of recognition for demonstrating service-based leadership at Vail Resorts. Epic Service is our leadership brand, and is grounded in the belief that “we serve because we are leaders, and we are leaders because we serve”.   Leaders nominate colleagues when they are seen providing EpicService to a guest or fellow employee.
When nominated you receive a personal email with the story of why you were nominated and then receive an Epic Service pin and wooden coaster. You will then be considered for the overall Epic Service winner for your property either for May/June, July, August, or September/October. If you win overall for your property you will receive a plaque award. You will then be considered for best out of the properties for the month.
If you are unable to access the nomination form below, please share the story with your manager so they can submit!

Scratch Tickets - Manager Nominated

Scratch tickets are a fun way to say ‘thanks’ for all that you do. It’s up to your manager to determine how they want to use them, but here are the rules for how you can redeem one if you get lucky!
These are valid at all GTLC/FRC retail and F&B outlets. They may be combined (up to $25 total) but you will be liable for payroll taxes if more than $25 is redeemed per season. May not be used toward alcohol or gratuity.
  • If employees use their ticket for “dining in”, they MUST still tip their server.

  • Scratch tickets from previous years cannot be accepted.

  • Tickets must be completely filled out (legibly) by a manager to redeem.

  • The maximum combination amount for any single redemption is $25.

  • Please report any suspected fraud to HR and the Finance department.

John Colter Leadership Award

An award given to employees in management positions that are recognized by Grand Team, Year Round Staff, Managers, or Assistant Managers as having shown exceptional effort or showing marginal improvement in their management role. Given as a way to award exceptional leadership as needed. Want to recognize your supervisor for their amazing work?
Let your hiring manager know or email Employee Experience Specialist Becky at!