Employee Events

Volunteer Opportunities

Helping families in the Jackson Hole area realize their dream of home ownership. Tasks can be anything from painting to cleaning up job sites. Wear heavy duty shoes and closes that can get dirty/ruined.

Haderlie Farms is where we send all of the compost from our kitchens. Lunch is included. Please wear clothes and shoes that can get dirty/ruined.

Volunteer to help National Park Service with trail maintenance and other outdoor projects. Bring good shoes and closes that can get dirty. Lunch provided. Sign up soon. Spaces limited.

Volunteer to help at the Moran Firefighter BBQ- Their biggest fundraiser of the year!

Would you like to Climb the Grand Teton with Exum Mountain Guides or fly two family members/friends out to Grand Teton National Park this Summer?

Climb the Grand with Exum Mountain Guides Contest
So you think you have what it takes to climb the Grand Teton? Tell the committee why you should be one of two selected to climb the highest peak in the park with the help of Exum Mountain guides. You must train and be available for the trip to take place August 29th-31st. (first day is training + 2 days for the climb). Contest is open until July 1st.

What is included?

  • 1-2 Family Members Travel​ Expenses

  • 4 Nights of Lodging​ at Jackson Lake Lodge

  • All Meals ​included

  • Visitor Activity included for you and your guests

  • Guaranteed Time Off to spend with them