SuccessFactors Applicant

Once your Hiring Manager has offered you a position and you've accepted it, these are the steps you'll go through before you start working.

Law Violation screening and Background Check

Once you've let your manager know that you've accepted your position, they'll move you forward in the SuccessFactors system. From here, you'll be getting an email from to complete a background check or answer the Law Violation question. Please note that background checks can take anywhere from one to 14 days to process. 

 You must respond, or you will be disqualified. 

Complete your New Employee Setup

Once you have successfully moved through the background check, your application will be moved  to a different area of SuccessFactors called 'Onboarding'. There, the details of your position are confirmed and the system generates an electronic paperwork packet of required forms for you to sign. This email comes from with the subject line: Welcome to Vail Resorts: Complete New Employee Setup. 

Signing up for housing

This New Employee Setup email also contains a link to submit your housing application. Note that it does take at least 24 hours from completion of this step to be able to access the housing website: Star Res. 

Your application moves from SuccessFactors to PeopleSoft

Once you have completed and submitted your paperwork, the systems work behind the scenes to send your information from the applicant side of things where it's been (SuccessFactors) to the employee database (PeopleSoft). You're getting very close to being an official employee!

Manager completes 'Add Hire Details'

Only after you have submitted all of your paperwork, your manager can take over and make you an "Active employee" as early as 2 weeks before your arrival.  Once your manager completes this step you will receive your final email in the hiring process called the Final Onboarding Froms.

Within two weeks of your start date, look for an email from with the subject: Complete Your Final Onboarding Forms. This email will also contain your login information for Vail Resorts’ employee systems and your employee ID number. 

Complete HR Check-in

At check-in, you'll complete the necessary final steps and receive your employee ID. You must bring with you unexpired, original identification documents to this step. Review the list of acceptable documents here and make sure you have them available. 

Attend orientation