What is Kaizala?

Kizala is a communications mobile app similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but more secure. Once you download the application and join the "2021 Teton Employee" group you can chat with other employees who will be working with you this summer who have also joined the group. Think of it as the employee message board. The download of this application is not mandatory, but once the season begins we will be implementing a company announcement specific group to communicate important updates to all employees.

How to Join

  1. Scan the QR code for "2021 Teton Employee" by opening up the camera on your phone and hovering over the square picture

  2. Download the Kaizala App when prompted.

  3. Set up your account. (Choose your own personal preference as to if you would like to access your contacts or not. Microsoft does not store or share the info you enter)

  4. Verification of phone number will be sent through text.

  5. Once account is setup: If the group “2021 Teton Employee” does not show up in the chats menu, scan the QR code again and join group or join by code 22127 10252.


Posts and conversations in the 2021 Teton Employee group will not be moderated by the company, but use the following guidance:

Before posting please THINK

  • T = Is what you are saying True? H = Is it Helpful? I = Does your post or comment Inspire others? N = Is what you are saying Necessary? K = Is what you are saying Kind?

No Hate Speech or Bullying

  • Offensive, religious, political or discriminatory posts and comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Offenders can be removed from the group without warning.

Setting your Notifications

Use the three dot navigation found at the top right corner of the application to get to your settings menu.

The menu pictured will open. This is where you can change your notifications for this application. I would suggest creating your own preferences under the "events" menu to turn off notifications as to when a new contact joins.

Menu navigation can be found at the bottom of the app

Example Screenshots

How to start a chat
How the Chats appear
Reply to another person's message by holding the message down until it is highlighted blue. A menu will appear at the top of the page and select the arrow pointing left to reply to that specific message.