Employee Coronavirus Update

Last Updated: April 28, 2020

The situation with COVID-19 remains unprecedented and incredibly challenging to navigate. We hope you are all continuing to prioritize the health and safety of your loved ones at this time.

Across the country and the world, Stay at Home orders have been in effect since March, and in many cases have been extended into May and beyond. We recognize that in order to open safely there will be new protocols which will impact our operations and staffing levels. We have received new guidance from the National Park Service that housing a large number of seasonal employees in shared dorms is not currently an option for the upcoming summer. As such, we have modified our operating plans as outlined below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you changed your operating plan so significantly?

Each year, Grand Teton Lodge Company and Flagg Ranch Company welcome guests from across the U.S. and around the world to our properties during the summer operating season. To service and care for these guests, we rely on more than a thousand employees who also travel here from all corners of the globe to enjoy their own experience of a lifetime working and playing in this special place. Most of these seasonal employees live onsite at our properties in shared dormitory-style housing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how many of us work and live. As a result, and in response to guidance from the National Park Service, as well as continuing recommendations and ordinances from our local and national public health authorities which restrict our ability to utilize shared housing facilities, accommodating our large number of seasonal employees in shared dorms is not currently an option for the upcoming summer. This severely limits the extent to which we can open and run the full scope of our operations.

If I previously accepted a job offer with GTLC/Flagg Ranch, do I still have a job? Do I need to do anything?

With significant impacts to our operations, our staffing capacity and needs have changed considerably. Your hiring manager will be in touch to communicate updated information and next steps specific to you. Please be patient as our team works through these communications.

I was slated to live in my RV, not a dorm. Is my employment impacted?

As our operations will be substantively different than originally planned, it is possible that your employment is still impacted. Your hiring manager will be in contact with you to discuss your employment and options.

Can I keep my employment if I am willing/able to stay in an RV instead of a dorm?

Maybe, however as our operations will be substantively different than originally planned, many positions will not be needed, and we will require significantly fewer employees. Your hiring manager will be in contact with you to discuss your employment and options.

How are you deciding who will still get a job and who won’t?

Employees hired into positions that remain necessary for our current operating plan are most likely to still have their offer. When the number of available spots for a required position is reduced, priority will be given to those approved to live in an RV, followed by experience in the role, seniority, prior performance rating and, lastly, job offer date. Some employees will be offered the opportunity to move into other positions/departments as needed.

If the position I was hired for is unavailable, is it possible that there could be another position for me? If so, would my rate of pay change?

It is possible that another position is available. If you are offered and accept a different position than the one you were originally hired for, the rate of pay would be commensurate with the new position.

My spouse/partner/friend is coming with me; will they still have a job?

If you were planning to come with a cohabitant who was offered a position in a location or department not currently scheduled to operate, their employment offer will likely be rescinded. However their hiring manager will reach out with available employment opportunities. As per our policy, residency in the Employee RV Parks will only be permitted if you are employed full time with the Company.

With such a different employee experience, will we still have to pay the same weekly fee?

As the Company will still be providing housing and meals, employees will still be required to pay the fee for room and board.

Is there a chance the plan could change again?

Yes. Should the situation change, or if we receive updated guidance from the National Park Service and/or public health authorities, it is possible we could further limit or expand our operations plans. We understand this uncertainty is difficult and will continue to communicate with you as new information is available. Please check back to this webpage regularly as we will continue to post updates.

I have not heard from my hiring manager; should I contact him/her?

We appreciate your patience as our team works through a high volume of communications to employees, and we ask that you give them time to contact you. If you have not heard from your hiring manager by the end of April, please feel free to reach out.

I know someone who is looking for employment this summer. Are you still hiring?

Unfortunately, no. We are working to remove any positions that may still be posted on our hiring website and elsewhere.