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Live Events

General Managers

Anna Rozier, Colter Bay Village

Brian English, Flagg Ranch

Ron Neville, Jenny Lake Lodge

Live: Tuesday, April 27th 11:30-12:30 PM MTN

Some of you may know one of these GM's as your hiring manager, but they are also responsible for running their individual properties throughout the season. Here is your chance to ask Colter Bay Village, Flagg Ranch or Jenny Lake Lodge questions to those who know best.

Human Resources

John Lindvig, Housing Manager

Becky Favre, Employee Experience

Live: Thursday, April 8th 11:30-12:30 PM MTN

Ask us your seasonal inquiries and let's discuss what you are most looking forward to this season and how we can improve your employee experience!

This will be John's 7th season with Grand Teton Lodge Company. He has worked summer seasonally as a Security Officer, Employee Village Supervisor, Blue Heron Assistant Manager, and Recreation Director at Jackson Lake Lodge before transitioning to his year round position as Employee Housing & Recreation Manager in 2019 as part of the Human Resources team. In his role in employee housing he has re-imagined our employee recreation program, helped oversee delivery and installation of new dorm furniture and housing systems, and provide employees with unique opportunities to explore and enjoy our national park. Originally from Fargo, North Dakota he has found a passion for photography, hiked 500 miles in one summer, and even stood on top of the Grand Teton summit in his time here in the mountains.
This will be Becky's 7th season with Grand Teton Lodge Company. She has worked summer seasonally as a front desk agent at Jackson Lake Lodge and was the sales and marketing assistant before transitioning to her current year round team of Human Resources. In her human resources role she has helped with check ins of a 1,000+ population, reviewed candidate applications, conducted phone interviews, recruited internationally for the work and travel program and will dedicate this summer to the employee experience. Originally from a below sea-level town in Mississippi this southern gal has learned what mountains really are and what it's like to experience all 4 seasons.

Alex Klein, Vice President and General Manager of Grand Teton Lodge Company

Live: Thursday, April 1, 6-7 PM MTN

Get to know our fearless leader, Alex Klein, as he shares his journey as an employee of Grand Teton Lodge Company and discusses the upcoming 2021 Summer season.

Questions can be submitted in advance to the following form and there will also be some time for live Q&A.

From a pretty young age Alex wanted to run hotels because he had family in the hospitality industry and it seemed like an interesting career. He visited the Tetons as a kid and his brother came out to work in 1991. His brother had such a great experience that Alex decided to come out the next summer as a busser in the Pioneer Grill. The following year he came back as the assistant manager for the Pioneer Grill and was promoted to manager later that season. In 1994 his final seasonal role was as an assistant resident manager (a role similar to the assistant desk manager role today). At the end of that season, he stayed on for a few months working in engineering, primarily doing demolition work. In 2004 after almost 10 years he returned to GTLC as the Director of Operations. In 2010, he moved to the corporate office as the Corporate Director of Operations for the Hospitality Division and in 2012 was promoted to Vice President of Operations for the Division.
What advice would you give to a first time GTLC employee?
Be Safe but take the time to really experience this place. There is magic in the mountains and taking the time to explore the back country is an experience that you'll never forget.

How has the company supported you professionally or in your every day life? GTLC gave me my first opportunity to be a supervisor and through the years I've had numerous formal and informal opportunity to learn and grow. I think that the seasonal nature of GTLC gives those looking to grow their career an amazing opportunity to get experience especially when combined with counter seasonal opportunities at other Vail Resort properties.
What animal in the park best describes your personality and why? The pika really loves the high alpine and is one of my favorite animals.

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